At Martin Auto Repair Center in New Holland, PA, we specialize in the complete maintenance and repair of all foreign and domestic vehicles for your family or business.  We are full service repair facilities utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment and computerized repair manuals to ensure your specific vehicle is maintained and repaired to the latest factory specifications.  Our ASE certified technicians are fully trained and work hard to get you back on the road quickly.  For all of your auto repair needs, depend on in , to keep  you on the road.  

  • Computer diagnostics - foreign and domestic
  • Brake services / new brakes
  • Transmission repair
  • Tune-ups
  • Oil lubrication
  • Alignment service
  • Shocks and struts
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Exhausts and mufflers
  • Batteries
  • Belts and hoses and more!

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    Jasperlogox300JASPER ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS INSTALLER   We proudly recommend JASPER who has been the industry leader since 1942 for our vehicle engine, transmission & differential repairs. Why JASPER?

    1. PROVEN, Industry leader since 1942 with engines and transmissions throughout the USA.  Pioneering 75 years of leadership in the automotive remanufacturing industry.
    2. QUALITY,  JASPER remanufactured products exceed factory specifications and improve OEM inherent design flaws with updated parts and precise machining.  
    3. TESTED, Live run computer assisted testing to assure trouble free performance and peace of mind for the automotive customer who depends on it.  

    Wheel AlignmentSigns of Improper Alignment

     1. Steering wheel feels tilted or difficult to steer.
     2. Excessive steering play.
     3. Pulls to one side while driving on straight, smooth road.
     4. Uneven tire wear.

    Why is wheel alignment a good idea? The money you spend comes back to you by reducing tire wear and saving some fuel.

    A good time to get an alignment is when you buy new tires. But over time, hitting potholes and items in the road will steadily knock your wheels off true alignment. If you notice any of the problems above, contact us to see if an alignment will get your vehicle to best "grip" the road and improve performance.

    We use the latest Hunter Hawkeye Alignment system that aligns all 4 wheels,

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Machine

    for only $59, $69 for larger vehicles, and $79 for heavier duty vehicles. Sometimes extra charges will be needed to add if something is seized (like a tie rod), or if there are suspension parts that need replacing before the alignment can be completed.

    We have a reputation of making sure the alignment is done right, so contact us at 717-445-5224.

    From transmission flushes to complete services or a Jasper remanufactured transmission you can depend on us for your transmission needs.

    We have a roll-back truck to bring in your disabled vehicle. Call us right now for 24-hour towing and road service. During business hours call 717-445-5224. Emergencies call 717-989-3506.

    We sell, mount and balance many tire brands. Including Bridgestone, Cooper, Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Yokohama, and many other brands. It's important to keep your tires well maintained and properly mounted and balanced. Mounting and balancing vehicle tires requires special tools and an experienced technician.

    You can depend on us to do the job right using the latest Hunter tire changer and tire balancer. We can handle your low profile tires with ease with the highly automated Hunter Revolution tire changer. We'll optimize your tire placement to minimize tire pull or vibration with the StraightTrak Lateral Force and Road Force technology of the Hunter Road Force Touch tire balancer. Combined with our Hunter HawkEye Alignment System, we'll get you on a smooth riding straight track!

    We are an Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspection Station and we inspect reconstructed, flooded, specially constructed, theft recovered, collectibles, modified vehicles and street rods for compliance with all applicable equipment and inspection rules for the purpose of titling the vehicle in Pennsylvania.

    We are an authorized safety and emissions inspection station for the state of Pennsylvania. As outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, we will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure it is in safe working order. Your inspection can be done 90 days before sticker expiration date without losing any months.

    Get nitrogen into your tires! Nitrogen is a non-flammable gas that keeps your tires properly inflated longer than “plain old air”. It gives you better fuel economy, handling, safety and reliability, and tire life. $14 for nitrogen inflation saves you about $130 yearly in fuel and tire wear! With nitrogen in your tires, your driving experience will be better, safer, and less expensive. Ask for it today.

    Over 35 million gallons of used motor oil are generated each year in Pennsylvania. Individuals performing oil changes at home generate nearly 65% of the total, or 23 million gallons. Used motor oil can be refined and reused. Drop-off your oil here for recycling.

    From spark plugs to major overhauls, you can trust us for your minor and major engine repairs.

    We offer a lube, oil & filter service to keep your vehicle in top running condition.

    We will perform the following items:

    • Replace engine oil and oil filter
    • Check all fluid levels and adjust as needed
    • Check antifreeze for specific gravity, proper inhibitors, and contamination
    • Check air filter and replace if necessary
    • Lube all steering and supension parts if applicable
    • Check tire pressures and adjust if needed
    • Check all lights and replace as needed

    That big oil slick in your driveway or those strange noises from under your hood don't have to mean you'll be saddled with a new car payment soon. Instead, we can drop in a completely remanufactured JASPER gas or diesel engine, transmission or differential and you can get back on the road again quickly! Rebuilt components are your best value option!

    If your air is not as cool as it used to be then give call us today for air conditioning service. We use only premuim products and top of the line equipment to service your vehicle.

    We will repair your heating and air conditioning systems to keep you comfortable year round in your vehicle.

    We will polish and clear coat your headlight to bring back that clear bright shine.

    Exhaust pipe replacement can be the most expensive part of the muffler repair procedure because of the cost of the specially shaped pipes. We have a special pipe bending machine that can create just the shape you need for your vehicle, saving you money on exhaust repairs

    Your car’s engine is made up of hundreds of complex components working together to ensure that your vehicle starts and runs properly. Over time, however, these components can wear out, resulting in a loss of performance and fuel economy. We are equipt to diagnose and get your engine into top performance again.

    The auto electrical system operates a wide arrange of components. If you are having problems with your car or truck electronics, then give us a call. We use advanced electrical diagnostic equipment to locate and fix your problem and get you safely back on the road!

    We provide full diesel engine diagnostics, diesel fuel system service and turbo charger repair services.

    Is your diesel engine suffering from:

    • Lack of power
    • Difficult to start
    • Poor performance
    • Excessive smoke
    • High fuel consumption
    • Rough running
    • Leaking diesel

    What ever your problem... We can help!

    We utilize the latest computer diagnostic technology to pinpoint the exact problem, saving you time and money. We eliminate the need for "guess work".

    Our automotive computer diagnostics system can diagnose symptoms including:

    • Check Engine Light is On
    • Fuel Economy is Down
    • Your Vehicle Failed an Emissions Test
    • Engine Hesitates, Stumbles
    • Loss of Normal Engine Power
    • Engine Cranks but won't Start
    • Engine Stalls
    • Engine Misfire
    • Cylinder Misfire
    • Other Warning Light(s) On

    From the brake pedal to the discs, rotors, and pads, to the hydraulic and electronic components of your braking system,  we will provide you with the professional service you need to keep your vehicle in safe operating condition.

    Check engine/warning light on? We can fix that!dashboard warning lights cropped

    Today's cars are completely dependent on computer and electronic systems, so computer diagnostics and software is one of our core specialties. Issues can be straightforward to diagnose- but sometimes one can run into a trickier problem! We have a wide variety of computer diagnostic tools, and over 30 years of experience, that help us make a better diagnosis on those difficult problems.

    Our Factory Scan Tools can identify which vehicle system is failing and needs replacement for: Ford (& Lincoln-Mercury), Chrysler (Dodge, Ram, Fiat, Jeep), GM (Chevrolet, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Buick) and Saab. We also have factory-level diagnostic equipment for most foreign makes and models.

    While we do a lot of mechanical repairs, vehicle Computer and Electronic Systems repair is also one of our specialties. We can work with the ABS system, Air Bags, Crash-Avoidance Tech, Security systems, or the “Info-tainment system” such as the Navigation System, Console, etc. We also offer “Re-Flashing” (Re-programming the vehicle computer), which is a useful tool in today's vehicles,

    We also take the time to thoroughly communicate with you what's going with your vehicle. Whether your problem is mechanical or electronic, we have the experience and training to get the job done right on your vehicle!

    Stop by our shop at 680 Lancaster Ave, New Holland 17557, or Contact us at 717-445-5224.






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