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Brakes are the most critical safety component of your vehicle. If you feel a vibration when you apply brakes, it is possible there is a problem with your rotors (the disc that spins with your wheel) and/or pads (the "shoe" that grips the rotors). If the rotors develop rusty and pitted areas, then they will need to be replaced or they will excessively wear down your pads. Squealing brakes are also a sign that you may need to replace your pads; they are replaced more often than rotors- typically between 25,000-50,000 miles.

Purchasing a rotor with a special coating will help protect against rust build-up. The extra cost up front means the part will last longer through the future. This can be well worth it, depending on how long you are planning on keeping the vehicle.

If the brakes are "soft", it means air is getting into the system that must be fixed and then "bled" out. Other less regular problems happen with brake lines, the emergency brake, and the ABS (Automatic Braking System-Traction Control). Whatever your brake problem, our techs at Martin Auto Center will be able to get you up and running safely on the road.

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