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The Charging System, including the Alternator and Battery, provides power to all of your electrical system. We can test those various components and determine what needs to be fixed for you.

Computers are integrated into today's vehicle systems more than ever before. This allows vehicles to be run more efficiently - but it also means that there are more electrical systems that can break and cause issues. It can be tricky to fully test and diagnose electrical system issues, so thankfully this is one of our specialties.

Our Factory Scan Tools can identify which vehicle system is failing and needs replacement for: Ford (& Lincoln-Mercury), Chrysler (Dodge, Ram, Fiat, Jeep), GM (Chevrolet, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Buick) and Saab. We also have factory-level diagnostic equipment for most foreign makes and models.

We also work with the ABS system, Air Bags, Crash-Avoidance Tech, Security systems, or the “Info-tainment system” such as the Navigation System, Console, etc. We also offer “Re-Flashing” (Re-programming the vehicle computer), which is a useful tool in today's vehicles.

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