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Enhanced InspectionsReconstructed Truck

We are an approved Pa Enhanced Safety Inspection Station.

Enhanced Inspections are required in Pennsylvania for "Branded Titles" including vehicles and trailers that are: Reconstructed, Recovered Flood, Modified, Street Rods, Recovered Theft, and Specialty Constructed Vehicles. "Glider Kits", modifications such as changing the GVW, or changing from a Tractor to a Truck designation, and rebuilt and kit-built Trailers must also go through this process. 

This is a more thorough inspection process - State Inspection is often done separately at the end of the Enhanced Inspection. On Reconstructed Vehicles, Inspection or Emission stickers on the vehicle are void so we must scrape them off before the Enhanced Inspection, whether they are out of date or not. You will need to typically sign your name to PennDOT's MV426B Form, and in some cases the MV41 (we have them available).

We usually must have the following documents:
-Certificate of Title or Salvage, or Manufacture's Certificate of Origin or Statement of Origin
-Bill of Sale
-If you are buying this back from the insurance company, we need a Retention (Buy-back) letter with salvage value from the insurance company.
-Receipts for all Replacement Components. If you are using a donor vehicle, a copy of that certificate of title or salvage must be provided.
-Trucks, Trailers, or Truck-Tractors will need a Weight Slip if that is not listed on the Certificate of Title or Salvage.

There are exceptions to this list so contact us for specifics at 717-445-5224.

We will also need to know if you have a Sales Tax Exemption MC #.


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